Reconciling my past, the clock unwinding,

There lay a time, some desires unveiling;

Within my ears, memories reverberating,

Rising from the grave of oblivion.

Prudence is – pondering over thoughts,

Seeking advice from opportunities lost.


From a soldier’s ‘farewell’ to his mother,

To his duty of serving the motherland;

Mowing obstacles, confronting weather,

Battling enemies with a rifle in hand.

Heroism is – being as selfless as martyrs,

Who shielding our lives, lost theirs.


Before the sun enters horizon,

Someone begins his journey of toil;

Sound of thunder, he thanks heaven,

Beholding seeds, germinating from soil.

Faith is – armour of a farmer’s belief,

Who travails patiently for relief.


Swift as an athlete, arduous as wrestler,

Who proliferate essence of their skill;

But few are acquainted with the wounds,

That sometimes take a lifetime to heal.

Endurance is – Concealing pain with modesty.

Thus said “Sweet are the uses of adversity”.


Maturity is – dropping expectations,

And bearing Duncan’s responsibility.

Possessing Macbeth’s determination,

But gaining indisputable credibility.

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