It was an eventful Saturday evening here for BITians, on 6th of May, as the Electronics department of the college organised an interactive session for the students with Mr. Sant Sharan Pathak. Mr Pathak is currently working as a Professor of Electronics and EC engineering at IIT Kharagpur. He is also a senior member of IEEE, the world’s largest technical and professional organisation.

Mr. Shant Sharan Pathak

The event was conducted and managed under the leadership and supervision of Professor Arvind Kumar, HOD of ECE department and Professor Amar Prakash Sinha. Students from Electronics, Electrical and several other branches actively participated in this fruitful and enjoyable session.

Speaking on the occasion Mr Pathak suggested for the students to follow three I‘s in their course of action which are Idea, Intension and Initialisation. He emphasized that instead of worrying about the result one should rather take initiative to do things because there are several aspects which one gets to learn on the way. One should try to get expertise on the subject that he/she is good at through practice, because experience is a good teacher.

Another piece of advice that is worth highlighting is his shortcut mantra of four D’s viz. Dream, Dedication, Determination and Delivery of product for a successful career as well as life.

He shared his personal experiences in life and how he regretted denouncing technical field after pursuing it for four years by switching to managerial and administrative field for the sake of comfort and money. He said such practices should be discouraged and we must promote innovation and research to make our country technically sound.

At last he said that whatever we learn and earn should be for the betterment of society and mankind. His few words of wisdom will continue to inspire and motivate the students to bring a new dawn of innovation in future.

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