Amidst the scorching heat, exhausting schedule and a monotonous life, came FOYC ’16 in all its glory. The very first event of the year, FOYC brought the entire batch of 2k16 into limelight.


Leo Club had organised this two day cultural extravaganza in which the students of 2k15 and 2k16 came up and put in the best of their efforts to give an entertaining couple of days to the college.

Lamp lighting ceremony

The event began on 8th at 4:30 pm, with the lamp lighting ceremony, in the auspicious presence of our honourable Director Dr. D. K. Singh, esteemed professors and two distinguished guests: Lion advisor of Leo Club of Sindri, Lion Somnath Pruthi and Lion Rakesh Anand. The second step towards being the fresher of the year – Visuala Di Illuminati – an audio visual quiz round followed. The top 65 contenders competed in the same. The very first entertaining segment of the evening followed thereafter- the Silver Screen. Participants adeptly wrapped an entire movie into a skit of 7 minutes, making it as entertaining as possible. ECE emerged out as the winner of the section.


The second day began early, with the detailed description of the panels that the stage flaunted magnificently. The theme of the stage was unveiled- Greatest creations of man. From scaling impossible heights to reaching inaccessible places- man has been everywhere. Panels depicting industrial revolution, the Burj Khalifa, ancient civilisations, space exploration, Literary work of Romeo and Juliet and developments in the field of transport and communication- all credited to the greatest mortal ever: Man.


The entertainment section was carried forward by the Karaoke round, wherein a musical battle was euphoniously put up and Electrical Engineering stood victorious. Thereafter, selection Procedure of the FOY was resumed, in which the top twelve Elites had to face the crowd, entertain it, present an extempore, and perform in a rapid fire quiz round. The combined performance would judge them and the top five freshers would be selected. Some amazing bunch of talent was showcased.


Rococo- a theme based dress competition took place next, in which participants had hilarious takes on contemporary and otherwise serious topics like Politics, Sports etc. Metallurgy took away the trophy in this segment.



Some toe tapping performances took away the audience by amaze, in the final round of ABCD- Any Body Can Dance. Moves of the Chemical Engineers impressed the judges the most and they were declared the winners.

The special and most heart warming segment of the evening- the Final Ensemble- saw the whole 2k13 batch unite and relive the best of their days in BIT. A mesmerising reminiscence was put up and left everyone in the house emotional. Some distinguished students of the batch were awarded for their exemplary achievements in various fields.


Finally, the most awaited moment arrived where one of the top five FOYs would be crowned as the fresher of the year 2k16. In the final round of Magnum Opus, the top 5 contenders performed outstandingly in the questionnaire put forth by the judging panel of eminent professors and final year students. Crossing all hurdles efficiently, Parth Sarthi of Electrical Engineering took away the golden trophy of the FOY 2k16 and a lot of appreciation and applaud back with himself.

Thus the conclusion of the memorable two day event was marked and left everyone in its hangover for the few following days.

The success of the event was much embedded in the tagline of this year’s version – Ad Astra Per Aspera (To Stars from hardships), as the toil and dedication of the club members fruitfully resulted in a successful outcome.

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