Dan Brown definitely knows the recipe of a good thriller and his 2001 techno sensational ‘Deception Point’ is doing a good in upholding his status quo. Especially when you throw in some political drama, action and mystery, the book is bound to hook readers.
Deception point exploits the moot point of the extraterrestrial life to the most. Our protagonist here is a Government Intelligence Analyst, Rachel Sexton who is the daughter of Senator Sexton the presidential candidate. Rachel and four others are dispatched to the arctic by the President to investigate the overwhelming discovery that the NASA has made. Though astonished to find the proof of life in a meteorite she agrees to testify the authenticity and thus solidify the seat for the president in next election against the better judgment of her father.
Almost as soon as it seems the matter is all sown up, the evidence supporting the find begins to unravel. And so does the attacks on the members who may disapprove the finds.


Like any typical Dan Brown fiction the novel has well written actions and twists. The strong characterization and underlying grey do keep readers on the edge. We also have a substantive subplot where Marjorie Tench, the President’s loyal supporter anonymously blackmails Gabrielle Ashe who is the personal assistant of senator sexton.
The story does have loopholes and moot points but above all the candor of the plot makes up for the loss. Probably the aspect that annoys the most is the repetitive style of Dan Brown. Overall we can conclude the book is a good pop-fiction and a treat for suspense lovers.

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