This young adult science fiction series revolves around a group of aliens who’ve escaped from their planet LORIEN and have hidden separately on planet EARTH. Mogadorians (a group of people from Lorien who are evil), are looking around for them on Earth and are ready to slaughter every single one of them at their first sight.

I Am Number Four

The series is originally written by James Frey and Jobey Hughes under the collective pseudonym PITTACUS LORE (which is a very suspenseful character in the entire series). A total of seven books are published in this series namely:
• I Am Number FOUR
• The Power of SIX
• The Rise of NINE
• The Fall of FIVE
• The Revenge of SEVEN
• The Fate of TEN
• United as ONE

In the beginning, there were nine teens, members of Garde, a group of LORIC people gifted with special powers called ‘Legacies’. Cepans (pronounced as ka-paan) were the protectors, assigned to every Garde member to ensure their safety. These so called aliens had left their home planet of Lorien when it fell under the attack of the Mogadorians. The Garde members look like ordinary teenagers living simple lives, but who’ve extraordinary, paranormal skills and are now compelled to live in hiding.

The Mogadorians caught Number ONE in Malaysia, Number TWO in England and Number THREE in Kenya and murdered every single one of them. John Smith from Florida is Number FOUR and he’s aware that he is next on the list. This is how the first book in the series begins.

This story is about a thrilling adventure of an exceptional group of teens as they struggle to outrun their past, discover their future & live a normal life on earth. The best part is that the authors have proceeded the story from different perspectives of the Garde members.

Every novella in this series is going to leave you spell-bound and you’ll be forced to start the very next one in the line till the very end. And the final book really ramps the action up to an all-time high, and employs the series’ signature move of jumping to other POV. It is a must read for those looking out for a suspense thriller.

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