BIT gives everyone their own reason to cherish their stay here. And like most of us, I too landed here by chance, but this institution has made me who I am now. And now I stand here writing this note to sum up these fantastic days starting from being FOY to bagging a PPO in Mining. Well I am not a big movie fan but to break the monotony I would share a few highlights in a little filmy way.

The Hogwarts

While most of the BITians in first year (or even now) have a hard time to explain, perhaps differentiate BIT Sindri from BIT Mesra. For me it was Hogwarts, a parallel universe where you have everything to survive but very few luxuries. It has its own rules, and everyone has their own magical spells. Above all we had a train only for BIT (not literally).

From Karan Johar to Anurag Kashyap

The moment you reach main gate you would realize life is not like KJ’s movie’s huge cafeterias, open auditoriums. But sooner I realized that there is no substitute to hostel’s chaat and 12 No. gate and MG. Glamour was the only thing that was missing but the vibes were purest.

Dum laga ke haisha!

The description would be void if I don’t mention the inter branch events. The few evenings when the whole campus would come to life. Everyone boys, girls and even the staff would throw their lungs out to support their departments. And this is the time when branch-baazi is at its peak. Being fortunate enough to represent the branch a few times. The feel is upbeat. There couldn’t be any better example to explain the heat. One of my friend offered to complete my assignments so that I could go for practice. And then you play not just for your team but for the pride of your department. And you live a dream for a year to be the champions next year (especially in football tournament). The reminisce of the night when I won the Fresher of The Year title. All the final year seniors (and I mean it) came to DPA to escort me to my hostel. And Everyone roared down the Tiger road and the air was filled with acquiesce.

Ek Tha Tiger

The transition from Bhaiya to Sir was never easy but it was much needed change from casual conversations to formal interactions. This was an opportune moment to instil work culture ethics and manners in us. And I was very privileged that I had both with the seniors. And those drills so called ragging by most of us, were personality and confidence building exercises. The importance of seniors was felt when we were in final year. I felt orphaned because I had no one to go to in case of any problem. All those treats, notes, gyaan sessions, everything is worth remembering. And I proudly say that I owe a lot to them. “Always listen to your senior’s advice not because they are always right but because they have more experience of being wrong” This statement perfectly abridges seniors at BIT. 


Only time when insecurities breach the bonds of friendship and there is a feeling of tussle in the air. Pressure increases as the days pass. And with every visiting company a lot of emotions are drained out of students. And at placecom I had seen this willy-nilly. And the Class of 2021 has shown really good character fight against all odds to grab the opportunities.


To end I would quote a senior when I asked him what is BIT? And he told me “Bhai BIT sabko pura tab samjh mein ata hai jab aap BIT se chale jaate hai”. BIT teaches resource management and people skills the best. I believe I had much more to explore here.

– Rahul Ranjan
Mining Engineering

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