Warm and opulent, the Sun broke free
From the horizon with a promising glee.
Radiance striking the streets forsaken
Till break of dawn when men awaken.
Tarry a bit; a quaint anomaly:
On roads once bustling, now lingered monotony.
A deadly sickness prevailed for long;
Giving breath to Nature's mellow song.
She blew her trumpet: bold and sweet;
Then crept, from crevices, her flowery fleet.
They tossed their heads of infinite hues,
While the crippled mankind paid its dues.
We fell like flies; the fledglings soared.
We coughed our demise; the wildlife roared.
Pestilence razed those vain concrete towers
And unshackled, unburdened, accorded powers
To the vitalising force that furnished anew
Life o'er mountains and under the blue.
This ghostly, deserted, cobbled path
Is a prescience of the aftermath
Of the worthless, ravenous, perennial war
That, but in words, we fail to abhor.
Although it kept us ill at ease,
For the solemn reminder, bless the disease! 

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