“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.”

The authenticity of these words by Benjamin Franklin is undeniable in analysing the necessities of the present-day work environment. Today’s system of learning is controversial in terms of the quality of knowledge imparted. With recent advancement in various fields, the demands of Industries are not just limited to a piece of degree certificate but has extended way beyond.

Though applications of chemical engineering were involved in every aspect of life, it got its official recognition in the year 1887, through George E. Davis, the father of chemical Engineering. Since its inception, a lot has been added under its ambit. Chemical engineers today are not just limited to certain core companies but have left an indelible impression across various sectors of Industry.

There has always been a prevalent gap between the Industry and Institute. Connecting these distant points is the need of the hour. With an intent to reduce this sizeable gap and acquaint the students with the working of Industries, the Chemical Engineering Department of BIT SINDRI conducted a five-day-long, Industrial Readiness Training Workshop from August 31, 2020, to September 4, 2020.

The theme of the workshop was:

“Chemical Process Industries: Current Scenario and Career Opportunities.”

The eminent speakers for the event were our very own alumni of BIT Sindri, from the batch of 1972. The esteemed Alumni shared their experiences regarding industrial readiness stating the current scenarios of the industrial workforce. The list of our guest speakers comprised:

  • Mr. Madan Kumar Sinha – Former Chief Manager, Hurl
  • Mr. Amit Kumar – Retired Executive Director, ONGC
  • Mr. Ujjwal Ritwik – Global Safety Professional and Health & Safety Executive Consultant, Kuwait National Petro Corporation, Kuwait
  • Mr. Prafull Kumar – Chief Project Manager, KBR Texas, USA
  • Mr. Anil Kumar Jha – Member at Madhya Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission

Google Meet was chosen as a platform for the summit. The aim of this workshop was to create a real-time environment for the interaction of students with the adept workforce who could give a brief outlook of the ground report of some major Industries to students, before entering the Industrial workspace. The workshop included a detailed presentation by the guest experts followed by panel discussions. There were approximately 150 participants in the discussion. The Head of the department & Convenor of the workshop, Dr. Amit Kumar Gupta and Prof. G Kumar, Dean, Faculty Affairs were assisted by Dr. Arvind Singh, Dr. Ch.V. Raghunath, Dr. Mahendra Ram, Mrs. Poornima Pandey, Dr. B. Sujan Kumar, Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Ms. Devina Ratnam, Dr. Suneeta Kumari, and Mr. B. Kartheek.

Here is a summary of the workshop

Day 1: August 31, 2020

Dr. D.K. Singh (Director, BIT Sindri) inaugurated the virtual meet and welcomed the eminent speakers, professors, and all the students. He was followed by Dr. Amit Kumar Gupta who briefed the eager audience regarding the objective of the workshop and stated the importance of Industrial Training. Thereafter, the session was presided over by Dr. Arvind Singh, who coordinated the entire event. Proceeding further, the experts introduced themselves and explained the significant role a Chemical Engineer plays in society. They gave a deeper insight into the current trends in the Industry. At the end of the day, various suggestions were recommended by the panelist such as incorporating copies of various standards in the college Library, Inviting visiting faculty to campus, conducting mock Interviews, installing college versions of simulation software, and many more.

Day 2: September 1, 2020

The event was initiated with a humble tribute to the former President of India, Late Mr. Pranab Mukherjee. A minute of silence was observed for the departed soul. This was followed by Mr. Madan Kumar Sinha’s view on “The Role of process engineering in various stages of design of construction of process plants”. In his presentation, Mr. Sinha explained the role of Process engineers in design and construction. He believed, for an ambitious Engineer, the knowledge of core subjects is as important as learning simulation software like ANSYS FLUENT, ASPEN HYSIS, HAZOP PRO, PDS, AUTOCAD, etc. whose prior knowledge will add a feather to one’s cap. In the discussion round, panel members discussed various Industry standards in the curriculum, basic design engineering, and key features of under construction HURL, Sindri.

Day 3: September 2, 2020

The session for the third day was proceeded by Mr. Amit Kumar. Having spent a major portion of his life in ONGC, he highlighted some interesting facts about Hydrocarbon Upstream Industries and explained its working and management. Further, he explained the importance of knowledge and skills, understanding the work culture, teamwork, and leadership in the Industrial workspace. He lauded the efforts of ONGC in recruiting a female workforce in male-dominated work profiles of oil production and talked about the plethora of opportunities that the company offers to young graduates. Styrene leakage in the LG Gas plant and the failure of the Srisailam Hydroelectric power plant was discussed to highlight the consequences of negligence.

Day 4: September 3, 2020
Mr. Ujjwal Ritwik commenced the session with a theme of “Chemical Processing Plant Support Service”. He spoke at length about the large efforts required for uninterrupted production in the Industries keeping the subsequent details of the work process in mind. He stressed about the need to follow safety protocols by giving an in-hand experience of the blast at the Tuticorin plant. He gave real-world examples through the instances of his life. He shared his journey of 40 years from BPCL, RELIANCE, BARC, and finally to KNPC, Kuwait with students. With a rise in demand for renewable energy resources, he believed sustainable development will open a new Avenue for Chemical Engineers.

Day 5: September 4, 2020
Mr. Prafull Kumar, the Career guide and motivational Speaker helmed the workshop to its concluding day and spoke incessantly about the requisite skills and competencies required by an Engineer to compete in this challenging world. He elaborated about his journey from Sindri to Houston, the so-called Mecca of Chemical Engineers. Talking about the skills, he gave some golden rules of life which included commitment towards the target, being responsible, avoiding procrastination, and the added benefits of being self-motivated.
With every passage of time, the session inched closer to its end. During the entire session, a special priority was given to answer the weirdest questions posed by the students to give a clear picture of the Industry.

Mr. Sumit Singh, a final year student of the chemical department gave the feedback on behalf of the entire student fraternity. Dr. D.K. Singh congratulated the branch for the successful completion of the program and urged the speakers to mentor the department, a proposal which was readily accepted. Dr. Ch.V. Raghunath proposed a vote of thanks to all the esteemed guest speakers.
The speakers too expressed their gratitude for the overwhelming response and assured the students about the prospects of conducting similar workshops. Before bidding a final adieu, students wished their Mentors a Happy Teachers’ Day in advance. The session came to an end with National Anthem.

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