Those four years of my college days,
went so quickly,
leaving lessons and memories of the days, filled with amaze.
Although, some were gloomy and some were great.
There were thousands of shades of the single plenary we walked on every day.

A silly little first year with a thousand and one complaints being kept mute,
reached the final year, recognized as a jovial persona, really cute 🙂
I still remember the anxiety and fear of being lost in the crowd,
But, I found friends ( for life) to laugh with, fall in love with and fight with,
my gems in this crowd.

The days used to be longer then, I remember.
But as time went by it wasn’t enough,
At the end of the day, we had a lot to say,
the hostel days would be badly missed,
the taste of the late-night maggie,
the branch unity before an exam night,
the movies with roomies, and
the never-ending laughter were all a delight.

I wouldn’t have those morning lectures nor those chit chats with a refreshing evening chai,
I won’t ask to wait near the library and say “let’s rush to Sheherpura for biryani”, everyday the mess was a mess,
I won’t be late anymore at 7pm and the Domino’s won’t be an hour away!

I put my formals on, went to class, attended lectures, submitted my journals and E.D. sheets, went to Madhulika & Vartika to have kachoris and frooti, and as I was heading to the hostel which was all so mainstream,
I got up from my dream.

It is a bittersweet moment, the closer I am to leave,
the more I am falling for my alma-mater which is really hard to believe.

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Monika Toppo

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