The bubbles were on boil, ready to escape.
And so were emotions.
The blitz, the glamour, the festivity, the fervour.

To kindle this very spirit of igniting zeal and inspiration in the populace of our institution, the inaugral event of TEDxBITSindri was set to bring together, a stellar line-up of unprecedented speakers, gathered under one stage to share their stories, as they traversed the journey from a harsh ground to the entire sky vanquished.
On the morning of November 12th, as the sunrays narrated a different story of enthusiasm, the stage was set to host a grand fiesta of inpiration, exhilaration with an extraordinary addition of talent to nurture. After a multitudious array of arrangements and hustle by a bunch of people dressed in T-shirts quoting TED, which gave the verdict of something colossal to take the campus by surprise, the day witnessed a kick-start with the esteemed speakers making their way to the auditorium with several rows of wide-eyed spectators waiting with a heart pumping loud, for it was the first time for TEDxBITSindri to hit the mark.

TEDxBITSindri, a face of vivacity and liveliness, introducing the students to a world of opportunities and challenges, was brought as a platform full of appropriate opportunities to explore yourself, extend your limits, challenge your capabilities and express the wings of your freedom. To pronounce this, the event came under the theme, ‘The Infinity War’.

The session kickstarted with power-packed words introducing the crowd to what influenced the foundation of TEDx and TED as a whole, which claims to be an amalgamation of Technology, Entertainment and Design, the terms pivotal to an endeavour. Next on the podium was patron of the event, our honourable director, Dr. D.K Singh, as he enlightened us about the impact of technology, motivation and hardwork. With this, we marked the beginning and embarked upon a journey, one to set a milestone in the pages of the glory our institution is known to hold to it’s name.

The audience had their sights stuck to the stage,
The speakers uttering the most impactful words,
The cameras set to capture every ounce of excitement brewing around.

First on the stage was Dr. Vinay Singh, a known data scientist currently serving as the data science manager at BASE SF, Germany and working extensively in the most promising domains of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Being an author of a couple of books based on Analytics, and a co-founder at ‘ManiaVarsity‘, Mr. Singh delivered an excellent speech on the importance and impact of data in today’s data-driven world. The students could not help but listen in awe when he talked of his journey from Dumka, a small town in Jharkhand to Germany.
The students burst into a loud round of applause as the second speaker, the ex army veteran and a profound theatre personality, Major Mohommad Ali Shah begun on the stage with the bold salutation, JAI HIND. His peroration included several failures that tried to pull him down and the intensity with which he fought back, every single time to dwindle every fear of his. The intensity with which every word outpoured from his mouth, was enticing the masses to watch vehemently. As he ended, and stepped down the staircase, the crowd burst into a louder round of applaud yet again.

‘An expression is the culmination of thoughts. The more thoughtful the mind, the more elegant is the expression.
Loving for expression, without any worries, without any judgement, is the need of every single day. The expression is of the essence; the moves are just verbose.’

After Mr. Shah, it was Mrs. Saira Shah Halim who is a social and peace activist, an educator, a writer and a free spirit amidst everything. She has metamorphosed as one of the more prominent social and gender activists of the country and spends her time taking up the cudgels of society. Being the recipient of SAARC Women’s award by the SAARC Women’s Association, Dhaka for her unparalleled contribution in the cultural, literary and bilateral contribution among SAARC countries at Dhaka, Saira Ma’am is accredited to uplift many lives.
She, in her talk, explained all about Eros, the greek God of Love and eroticism.
She questioned, how do everyday people rise from obscurity and achieve great things? What is the driving power behind the ventures of famous explorers that changed the course and concept of history? Is it money, fame or talent? While the audience’s gaze focused onto her enrapturing words, the event unfolded with the fourth speaker, Mr. Jogesh Jain, an nation-wide renowned employability coach.

Be the person whom you want to work with’

Mr Jain presented a very impactful insight into the employability front for the engineers-in-making. He has authored the book, ‘How to get That job’  and is experienced in helping thousands of students, seek their dream-jobs.
He left every single person over there, tremendously soul-stiŕred as he spoke about his first salary and the complacency in parents’ eyes as he handed them over, his first ever self earned money of Rs. 9000 and the might of that very day to strengthen his will to pursue employability training as his career.

As everyone there sat speculating and pondering over their careers while Mr. Jain left the stage, the final speaker of the talk, Mr. Ashutosh Kumar, an alumnus of B.I.T Sindri, a man with an unmatched persona, someone with 25 years of diversified experience in upstream oil and gas business. As he walked up the steps of the first TEDx talk in his own alma mater, he couldnot hide the emotional quotient and he shared his vision of what he wishes B.I.T. of his dreams to be and his presentation included all the aspects of self development tools for students.

After enriching words of wisdom from each of them, the event organiser, Aditya Prakash, a final year student presented his token of thankfulness for the successful conduction of the event he and his team had been putting countless efforts for and that, since months. He extended his acknowledgement for the incredible support he received from his co-organiser, Raj Sinha and all the other members as well as volunteers for the event.

IMG-20191113-WA0027.jpg The event-in-charge Professor-in-charge Mr. Praveen Kumar, department of Electrical Engineering also played a pioneering role in organising the event.
With hundred hearts heavy holding the magnitude of memories they carried along, everyone smiled as the event came to a nostalgic end, with the organising committee’s promise of an even grander event under the same name, the very next year.

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