“I think the success of an institute can be measured by the contribution the alumni make to the national life.”

– John F. Kennedy

The importance of the alumni network of an institute cannot be denied. In order to glorify the same and to strengthen the bond between the present and the past, B.I.T. Sindri, on 2nd Feb 2019, welcomed its illustrious batch of 1965. The batch has produced many gems; Ashok Kumar Sinha, Binoy Kumar Singh, Jayant Prasad Saha, Ajit Kumar Sahu, Mohan Prasad Sah, Amal Kumar Sinha, Arun Kumar, Deepak Mitra, Bhishma Dev Mukherjee, Ram Padarth Rout, Phani Bhushan Sharma were a few sparkling at the event. The students in the audience were mesmerized while hearing anecdotes about their college life. N.C. Karn sir, secretary of BITSAA started the proceedings after the inaugural session by putting forth his vision for the institute as well as for the alumni association. Prof. (Dr.) Ghanshyam, the Training officer of the institute, lauded the esteemed alumni for taking out time from their schedule in his welcome address and listed the development initiatives undertaken in the institute.

Middle: Alumnus from 1949 batch, ie first batch

Since the event was organized with the aim of bridging the gap between the present as well as the golden past while reminiscing the olden times, there were some panel discussions too. The speakers motivated the contemporary audience by their words encompassing a number of important aspects, ranging from leadership, personality development, entrepreneurship and much more. Jainendra Kishore Verma sir, a product of Mechanical branch, laid down the importance of leadership skills in life and emphasized the fact that to achieve big things in life, we must have bigger dreams. Furthermore, he put forward the need to be well acquainted with the soft skills. In his words, ” Leadership is as important in driving one’s performance as oxygen is for breathing. Leaders are important for they create leaders for posterity, not followers.”He also quoted a famous saying, “Never tell people how to do a thing. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.”


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Mr Rajat Kumar Verma, who graduated from Metallurgical branch, focused on Entrepreneurship and its importance in today’s world. Rajiv Ranjan sir stressed on the importance of ‘Dreaming big and achieving big’. He also said that one can build confidence by focusing on knowledge, creativity and righteousness. He gave tips regarding job interviews too. At the end of the event, there was an interactive session between the students and the alumni, where the doubts of the current batches were addressed by those from Golden Generations. The first half concluded with the vote of thanks, by Md. Abuzar sir, responsible for all things IT in the institute as well as BITSAA. Group photography with all the students followed this before the gathering broke up for lunch.


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Post lunch session was devoted to the nostalgia tour where the alumni hitched a ride around the campus to remember good old days. Meetings between the Head of Departments and the BITSAA office bearers also took place where discussions were held on the things pegging the institute back and how to eliminate them. This brainstorming was followed by another round of meetings with the director of the institute in order to understand what the institute wants from its former students as well as their vision for the institute.


This event proved to be extremely fruitful in strengthening the bond between the alumni and the present students of the institute.

More such events are awaited.

2 thoughts on “Experiencing the nostalgia: Alumni – meet 2019

  1. Do more and more involvement of the alumni on campus. Talks, and just socializing can be catalyst for enriching alumni bond and love of the Alma Mater. My best wishes. And, I plan to be in Sindri for 3 months, oct thru Dec.
    Neil Pundit, 1961 TC

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  2. Nyc and interactive session was experienced. the qulia from our respected alumnus members was very fruitful.
    Bein an ITian i would say (for wordpress template) nyc n gud typography nd pixel perfection is there
    If pssbl add a youtube embedded vdo gallery too.

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