Oh! Papa gave me a nice big red frock today. I love my dress. I kept it under my pillow so that I see it when I wake up. I love papa and mummy. This durga puja my teacher gave me sweets. I hear my brother buy a car in the mela. I buy a doll and sleep with it. Tomorrow I have school. I love my bottle hanging round my neck. I went to durga puja mela with my papa. Didi told me to hold papa’s hand when I am in mela so that I am not lost. I run to get the window seat in the bus. I also share my tiffin with my friends and teachers. Rakhi miss is so nice. She never scolds me. I carry copies for her to the staff room. I don’t like paratha in tiffin. Meenakshi had brought cake but didn’t share it with me. I will ask mummy to give me cake in tiffin.


Teachers are merciless. They have given so much holiday homework. Today mummy made so many delicious dishes. I love the food cooked by mummy. I went to mela and bought a video game. I also rode a boat and the dragon. I did not ride on Tara Machines. I am afraid of it but bhaiya did. History is so boring and science is also a headache. I made maggi for the first time today. It was a bit soupy but everyone liked it. I stole a laddoo from puja thali when no one was around. While playing hide and seek I saw where Ravi was hiding. I cheated them and felt happy.


Raj is so smart. He looked so handsome at our school party. My eyes got glued to him.
Boards!! I have only four months left. I cannot afford to waste time on this DP. I need to excel in my boards and fulfill my parent’s dreams. It’s high time. I start studying twelve hours a day. I will make a routine and study twelve hours a day. Pre -boards are always knocking at the door. We did the puja in the morning at the home and all of us went to nearby pandal to offer our prayers.


This DP I am quite busy with my test series. I am trying to perform well in them. No holidays this year. I must also attend the crash course of physics for a quick brush up. School farewell party is going to be held next week. I have to buy a saree for it. How gorgeous all of us will look in sarees and all guys in formals? I am eagerly waiting for the day.
Now I am busy filling slam books and diaries of my friends. My teachers and parents have great expectations from me. I will put my full mind and soul. The forms of competitive exams will be out within a few days.

B.Tech. second year

I went to a boutique to buy a new dress. I had finished my first navratra fast yesterday. My parents resisted but I was adamant so I completed my fast. I missed my friends and fulltoo masti. I gave everyone good wishes on orkut. we will have mid-sem after the forty days holiday package. But I have no worries , two hours of regular smart study and I know I will do extremely well.
Mummy and I made some special dishes on the eve of Durga puja and everyone enjoyed a lot. Bhaiya will again go back to college and I will get bored at home. My school days are over and teenage is also over now, I feel more responsible , more self dependent.

Anuradha Kumari

Sarjana, 2009

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