The premises of BIT Sindri experienced an air of enthusiasm and sportsmanship when a mega sports event commenced on 8th September with the engineering buds showing their football & kho kho feats on the grounds in the campus, stretching for a span of 10 days.

Kho-Kho began on 9thSeptember in which 2 groups A & B were made and the teams therein intermittently battled for glory. Whereas in football 4 pools A, B,C and D with 3 teams in each pool were made. It was an exciting 12 pool tournament. The M.Tech pupils also proved their mettle in the game of football.

The tournament made a kick start with the first football match played between the branches of Electrical and Production. The following dawn, three matches took place, beginning with Metallurgical against M.Tech team-2 followed by M.Tech team-1 against CSE and the day ended with the final match of IT against Mining branch. Thereafter matches were competed by M.Tech team-2 with civil engineering and mechanical against M.Tech team-1. Next day witnessed competitions of Chemical versus Mining, ECE against Electrical and finally, Civil engineering versus Metallurgical engineering branch. The day before quarter finals, matches of mighty mechanical against CSE, ECE vs Production happened and the day ended with IT against Chemical. On the 13th of September, quarter finals were held with four matches in different time slots. Next day was more enthralling with semi-finals in two matches.

On the football field, all the branches played three matches. Since the branches were divided into four groups, civil engineering, the defending champions took the lead with 3 goals whereas metallurgy too made it from group-A with 2 goals. From group-B Electrical & Production Engineering went to the qualifiers list with 3 goals & 1 goal respectively. The departments of mining engineering and chemical engineering qualified from group-C leaving behind Information technology. Mechanical Engineering from group-D bagged the most points scoring 7 goals and 4 points whereas, CSE and M.Tech team-1 could not manage scoring a goal and were left behind.

At the end of the three matches, the scorecard showcased 73 points with Chemical engineering with three victories and Electrical engineering at the lowest position.

The final match of the tournament was between the department of Mechanical Engineering (The Mighties) under the captain ship of Vijay Hembrom against the department of Chemical Engineering(The Explosives) under the captainship of Abhinav Kumar on 17th September where Mighty mechanical bagged the trophy, beating the explosives by a score of 3-0 giving the audience the thrill of their lifetime. Abhay Kumar Singh from Chemical Engineering was declared as the best goalkeeper. Moreover, the title of best defender went to Robin Kujur from Mining engineering. Alister Bahadur Jamuda was crowned as the best emerging player and the most coveted ‘Man of the tournament’ went to Subhash Murmu from Mighty Mechanical once again.

Amidst the football fever in the ground, the energy students showcased for Kho-Kho was no less thrilling. The final match was played by the department of Electrical Engineering captained by Aditi Oraon against a team comprising of branches CSE, IT and Metallurgy with Alice Laguri serving as the captain. The Electrifying girls brought home the proud glory by defeating their opponents with a score of 2-1. Captain Aditi also bagged the title of the best chaser proving her mettle on the ground while best runner we had at the sport was Yashoda Kumari from the department of Information Technology.

The entire tournament attributes its success to Professors Dr.S.C Roy, R.K. Verma, M.K. Bhagat, S.Arvind, J.N. Mahto, S. Hembrom, Pankaj Rai, N. Kisku, Upendra Prasad and sports club chairman Mayank Kumar. Their able guidance and supervision made the event an unparalleled success.
The efforts and passion of the members of sports club coupled with enthusiasm of the players added to the zeal in the audience, made these days memorable for the entire BIT family.

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