“Speech has power. Words do not fade. What starts out as a sound, ends in a deed.”                    -Abraham Joshua Herschel

When the college got ready to embrace the freshmen batch of 2018, there was something new, something the college hadn’t seen since all its  years of existence. For, those embarking on the college journey were being accorded a different sort of welcome. Under the new norms of AICTE, there was to be an induction programme helping the students acclimatize in their new surroundings. To feed the youngest minds under the “Induction Programme” of the new entrants, BIT Sindri invited the masters of the trade. The sole aim being implanting the seeds of aspiration and passion in their grey matter, envisioning the bloom of the young saplings of today into the majestic trees of tomorrow.

The dawn of 6th August, 2018 earmarked a fresh beginning in the life of the batch of 2018 at BIT Sindri . The sun was shining bright, with the tinge of new energy, enthusiasm and faith perhaps, symbolizing the most awaited morning for all the newcomers at the campus. 

The faces brimming with confidence and expectation for the 4 year of graduation were welcomed by our honourable Director, Prof. In-charge of Academics , General Warden, Placement officer and other eminent faculties of the institute that was followed by the visit to the central library, classrooms, labs, the various department buildings, bank and post office in an enriching tour of the sprawling premises of lone state-run institute. The day concluded with sports activities at the club ground. 


While day 1 of induction programme was devoted to campus tour, the college was ready for interaction sessions with some of the well known-personalities of the technical field. Prof. Rajiv Shekhar, Director, IIT(ISM) Dhanbad, distinguished for his  understanding of process for scaling technology in several areas, from laboratory to industry and with remarkable contacts in industry like  R&D organization and other  multilateral institutions started the proceedings. Quoting his address , “Punctuality and discipline are two important sects  in a student’s life.

Prof. Rajiv Shekhar, Director, IIT(ISM) Dhanbad

 Being regular in attending classes can help  you  find the solutions to the consternations and the righteous implementation in your life.” He also remarked on the lessons from the life of Abraham Lincoln and discussed the changes which can be brought in the father-son relationship, losing its identity in the present times. Dr. R.B. Mishra, an acclaimed professor in the computer science and technology department at IIT BHU put forward his thoughts about the importance of society and an effective social life among the students with “Loyalty, true love, hard work and peace are essential for socialism.”


“Your actions and your attitude represent  your beliefs and define who you are”.

Following the above key note, the third day of induction program started with a refreshing meditation session with exercises in tow under the guidance of Prof. Rajeev Verma, Prof. Arvind Kumar and Prof. Kunal Kumar. The institute’s placement in-charge, Dr. Ghanshyam gave an intense speech about universal human values stating, “behaviour depicts the quality of a man”.

The induction programme for the batch of 2018 introduced a new trend which accounts for the notable change in the induction procedure in the clubs and organizations in the institute. While a section of freshmen were getting acquainted with various clubs in our college that help breaking monotony of college life at the DPA, the other half was kept engrossed in the Dr. Rajendra Prasad hall(C-51) by various known guest lecturers.

Anupriya Gupta from Art of Living, Delhi elucidated the integral relation between meditation and the human values. Om Prakash Tiwari and Gaurav Singh, a BIT alumnus from MyPerfectice briefed the students about using the platform for smart learning. The Sub-Registrar and Secretary of BIT alumni association, Shweta Kumari, focussed upon the development of personality while covering all the aspects of student life. She also emphasized upon the need for scientific reasoning and techniques to be applied for the development of our society and the nation as a whole, encouraging the listeners to hone their soft skills while they get on with the pace of technical education.


 Dr. T. N. Singh, former director of CIMFR, emphasized on human values. Quoting a few historical examples, he also said that no one should be discriminated on the basis of his/her appearance.

Next to take the dais was Anubha Prasad, former director of SIDBI, Chandigarh and an alumnus of BIT Sindri. She reminisced her days and shared her nostalgia with the students. Quoting her favorite dialogue from the movie ‘Jab We Met’, she told the students to be original. Using the  founder of Paytm, Vijay Shekhar as example, she mentioned that in the truest sense of the phrase, an idea can indeed change lives. Dr. S.K. Singh, former chief of Capability Development, Tata Steel shed light on the ways to improve one’s self development by inculcating the attitude a lion possesses as the king of the jungle due to its penchant for ruling, despite lacking the remarkable attributes of other animals. He stressed on the importance of team work for the budding technocrats. 


  “In a healthy body resides a healthy mind.” 

 The students took  to the field under the direction of Prof. R.K Verma, Prof. Arvind Kumar and Prof. S.C Dutta,  and Physical Training team comprising of Jai Ram Bhagat, Satish Mishra and Ragini Mishra and Yoga group with Priya Dubey, Shradha Prasad and Vinit Banerjee guiding them through a series of warm-up exercises and games. 

An engineer should not only get technical education but also have human values in addition. ISKCON group of Deepak Prabhu, Narayan Prabhu and Guru Milan Singh was there to teach the importance of values. Speaking on the topic of ‘Training to be Selfless’, Deepak Prabhu accentuated the fact that all moral values originate from our heart. He revealed the selfishness of the world by stating how people show themselves as preoccupied to escape from helping others. R.P. Singh, former IFS and Former Chief of Jharkhand Skill Development Mission, addressed the necessity of skill along with academic excellence and the impact of green environment on our mind. “Time management is the key to success. We must have a written action plan to relieve ourselves from the mental drain”, specified Guru Milan Singh, highlighting the importance of time management citing Chairman of Godrej group, Adi Godrej as a living example. 


“Before educating minds, we should educate hearts.” Said Mr. Deepak Prabhu. He enlightened the budding engineers about human values, an asset that every person must have irrespective of their chosen field of service. 

Management expert Mr. Milan Sinha explained how time management is the secret of success. He cited  examples of all the businessmen who turned out to be successful. It was clear that they had one thing in common- They were the ones who jotted down their plans on paper. This inspired them to turn their  dreams into reality and he advised the students to do the same.

Mission Chief of Jharkhand Human Resource Development emphasized on the fact that   green environment is what we need for a healthy living atmosphere. Mr. R.P Singh planted a sapling near the Civil Engineering Department building to implement his idea  of a green Earth.


An industrial visit was organized on its seventh day of induction programme to BSL Bokaro and also to IIT (ISM)  Dhanbad  under the able guidance of Professor RK Verma and Professor Dr. D.K.Tanti  , students were made to have an interdisciplinary approach among students while begin to learn their subjects and to show them the path they have to adopt to go beyond academics.


The induction program on 13th was graced by Aradhna Thakur, general manager, IIPCL. Taking the example of Károly Takács ,who won gold in the 1948 and 1952 Olympics despite losing his right hand, she  asked them to take lessons from life’s failures.

Mr. Sanjay Kumar, S.M.M Singapore, encouraged the young entrepreneurs hidden in the crowd to face every difficulty that come in their path with a boldness. The second half was made exciting with the benign presence of our favorite M.S. Dhoni’s mentor and coach Chanchal Bhattacharya, Ranji player Imran Hashmi and Cricketer Vinod Prakash. The program and guest lecture was aimed at promoting the importance of Sports and physical training among the youth. Coach Bhattacharya emphasized upon the importance of discipline in one’s life.

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Smt. Priya Dubey, IPS, Jharkhand Police flooded the young minds with positive thoughts as she elaborated on how positive attitude towards life can have miraculous effects. Having cracked the Civil Service examinations at an age of 23, she provided tips to handle the problems smartly to the young UPSC aspirants in BIT.  P.K Singh, Director of CIMFR, Dhanbad addressed the crowd stating the importance of management and punctuality. He made sure to motivate the audience to follow a well planned lifestyle towards the path of success.

Smt. Priya Dubey, IPS, Jharkhand Police 


The Independence day celebration made a kick -start with the flag hoisting ceremony in front of the Administrative Building of BIT Sindri and also at different locations on the  campus. On the special occasion of the 72nd Independence Day, the cultural club of institute, The Arts Club, proved its mettle through an array of spectacular performances. In the beginning, the first year students were provided an opportunity to perform and present their excellency in the field of dance,  dramatics, vocals and instrumentals. Later, the Choreo section of the club presented a patriotic dance performance that received a thunderous applaud and a standing ovation from the crowd. The Dramatics section too  presented an act showcasing the journey of a soldier, ready to sacrifice his life for the sake of protecting his country. To breathe air into the flames of patriotism, the vocals section spell-bounded the audience through their euphoric performance presenting patriotic songs.  Concluding the event The Professor-in-Charge of the  club, Dr. Ghanshyam, shared his thoughts and advised the students to put their best foot forward in every task  to achieve success.

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The director of the institute, Dr. D. K. Singh  encouraged the students through his wise and motivating words. He made sure to inculcate the feeling in the young  BITians that “BITians are second to none”.

With this, the  induction programme for the first year students for the year 2018 came to a successful conclusion.

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