​It has been quite a journey – the small infinity of four years. As I retrospect the days of my arrival, a load of memories flashes back. Stories of frustration,  hopes falling,  wishes and dreams , a time full of taunts, infinite comparisons, braggart relatives pouring out at the wrong time were some assiduous instances to cope with. Nevertheless there were also people who stood by my side and encouraged my endeavours.

I dont know if people tagged will find time to read this, but i strongly believe time is certainly the biggest gift you can ever have/share/present.
My college is in Sindri. So scenic that you will be spellbound, so mysterious that you will be lost & so un-bounded that you cannot remain aloof of it. But hold on!! Why did i just say that ? Afterall B.I.T sindri is a technical institute and no tourist spot. I think I am in love with this place, or may be with people I met there.

I had officially joined this college few years ago. That’s 48  months or 1460  days back. As I keep jotting down this, I realize “Facebook” will remind me of this childishness that I am doing right now, but never-mind. It is sometimes good to be just yourself, isn’t it?

Remember the first day at college? The heavy rain, waterlogged roads, the whimsical weather. The hostels, the clubs and definitely not to forget the stringent selection procedure of every club and off course the annual fests; everything had had their own storyline. And who shall forget the T-Shirt bargains, pulling each other’s leg and fleeing rush during the event season. Inspite of undeniable food complaints and many more such complaints, hostel life was incredible – the late night dinners, high volume DJs, birthday bashes with grand feasts are something that will be missed.

And then comes the tussle of semesters where everyone got busy burning the midnight lamps (I sas it literally because every night before the exam, there was a certitude of power failure). After the not so good semesters, there would be time to get relief. And then everyone sooner or later gets introduced to English and Korean TV series. That required a different way of initiation although, but everyone knew that. There were fights, misunderstandings, disappointments but at the end of the day, all those puny things were not more than a faded memory; what has remained is the beautiful reminiscence we created in this short span. 

I have seen-“Time” passing !

Sometimes I wish It didn’t pass at all and sometimes the apparent stagnancy of time nearly killed me.

But the 4 years at BIT passed before I could even comprehend what life was turning towards. With withered dreams, shattered expectations and absolute numbness, I reached this place. The place at first nearly killed me with its rudiments. You could go on with your list of complaints, the day would end but not the list.

And then finally, the day arrived to leave this place. But I am not leaving anything. I have  just gone about my life because we are *supposed to*. We are supposed to not look back because that’s how they say – we move on. That getting busy in your life is certainly a sign that you are in the right path.

But isn’t your college your home ? And as cliched as it may sound, “Is it not your home, where your heart is ?”

My seniors were somebody I had deep respect for. The warmth and affection I received during my fresher year when I was finding it tough living away from home is something that is inexplicable. Sessions on terrace, where at 3 am in the night you get your biggest life lessons and there are innumerable such tell-tales but I will limit to a point so that it doesn’t become boring.

My juniors. Ohh ! how much i love them. I have seen so many of these feeble toddlers grow into mature individuals. I am lucky enough to have witnessed their journey. So much I  got to learn from them, that I expect them to go & teach from whatever they have learnt.

At the end of the 4 years, nevertheless I am an entirely different person altogether. Here I  learnt to appreciate the underrated pleasures of life. The huge gang of awesome friends, late night  gossips, hangouts with clubmates, cold coffee chilling, late night studies to save the dying CGPA, celebrating birthdays and vicious secrets are some of the never fading memories.

That bonding shall remain intact… and now I am looking forward to  write new chapters in life.

Till then hope to meet soon to make new memories back in college’s Alumni Meet.

Time passed away,
See ya people, soon.

Have a nice vacation.

Hasta la vista..!

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