​Few years back I noticed some guys in grief, embedded with emotions and pouring out tears. That time, I didn’t understand what was all that for. Now that I have spent a part of my life in this college, I now understand what was all that melodrama for when I am on the  verge of leaving it. These four years can’t be expressed on a piece of paper with mere words because it’s more than that, it is a journey of smiles and tears.

The ragging incidents always bring  smile to my face. The brouhaha on seniors entry, late night Jungle walk, window sessions, phone sessions with seniors and the unforgettable “Murga Road” will  always remain among moments to glitter to my eyes.

In the 1st year, the joy of passing through the “Tiger Road” was tremendous. After the branch fresher and green signal from our final year, the entry to Main Gate was like a dream come true. Be it BKD snacks, Kandra’s Aunty “Gupchup”, or the early morning dosa idli at Rohrabandh, they were all special because these places were not just normal food counters but adda to hangout with friends, and those reminiscent moments make these places priceless.

College without girls is like tea without sugar and the classes (10 classes per semester) of my branch ended without any chirping of birds. But who cares ! Our group consisted of Warriors (the legends). We tend to find out our ways at library (UTG)/(BIT ka hotspot), Sai Mandir and Main Gate.

But the thing I will miss the most is the time spent with my buddies.  We came in from different places but are now leaving as a family. The intense pranks, amazing high time jokes, insane and senseless debates and taunting friends in reference to their GFs are the moments that will come up whenever we meet again in life. These things have found a place deep in my heart and I would say that I’ve enjoyed each moment. Leaving this college is a sad moment  but it’s also a passage to a new door in life.  Looking back, I find memories which I will cherish in my life ahead and friends whom I can rely on any moment in life.

—Rohit Kumar Singh, Metallurgy, 2k14

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