The winter of 2018 is approaching its end and with the onset of spring , the members of Rotaract club of Sindri have buckled up for the eye relief camp. Rotaract club of sindri is a clique of students of BIT Sindri with an altruistic disposition, who have carved a niche by their keenness to serve the society. In the quest of their desire to serve and to bring a change in the life of people around us, they organise a number of events, major one being the eye relief camp abbreviated as ERC. In ERC poor and needy localites, who wait for this event of Rotaract every year, get their cataract treated either by surgery or by medication, whichever is feasible that too free of cost. This campaign is organised for a span of three days where Rotaractors take care of the patients undergoing treatment, provide them with all the basic amenities including fooding and accomodation. Being a Rotaractor and a volunteer in the ERC, the feeling of contentment was way beyond words could express. In the world where glamour dominates and loud, errant music is sought, the service gives us satisfaction and makes us compassionate. Being a Rotaractor I’ve experienced the joy of serving others and was exposed to the harsh realities of the unruly world.

On the first day of the campaign patients are checked if their difficulty in Vision is by cataract and whether it can be operated & which eye is infected from the same.
Day 2 is completely dedicated to their surgery . Surgeons from various institutions are called so that the best possible aid is provided to the needy.
Day 3 involves their final check ups after surgery and their see off.
The eyes of every volunteer gleaming with happiness is a divine sight. The inner turmoil of every heart is put to peace by being a part of such a venture with a noble cause.
It gives an experience one can never forget and adhere it to their heart lifetime. This is the most awaited experiences for a Rotaractor. This year it is scheduled from 20-22nd Feb, 19th feb being the day of inauguration. We’re eagerly waiting for this.

If you find anyone suffering from cataract who needs to be diagnosed, feel free to tell them to visit our camp Tuesday morning and give us an opportunity to serve the society.

-A proud Rotaractor.

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