On Monday, 20th November, BIT Sindri  witnessed the inaugural ceremony of the diamond jubilee celebration of two significant departments of the institution –   Electronics and Communication Engineering  and Civil Engineering. 

Started in 1957, the ECE department is set on registering new benchmarks while Civil Engineering has continued to be one of the most coveted branches of the institution.
The two auspicious occasions were gleefully celebrated in unison at DPA and  C-51 by ECE and Civil department respectively.

ECE at DPA :-

The gathering at Deshapnde Auditorium bore testimony to the zeal of students towards new initiatives.

The occasion was made all the more exhilarating by the benign presence of our honourable director Dr.D.K. Singh, Prof. Ramjee Prasad, chief guest Prof. S.S. Jamuar, respected guest of honour Dr. Neil Pandit, our alumnus from the very first batch of Electronics and Communication department , Prof. Arvind Kumar, Head of Electronics and Communication Department and many other eminent persons.

The program initiated with the warm welcoming of the dignitaries followed by lamp lighting ceremony . Prof. Arvind Kumar addressed the gathering with his round the year plans towards making the diamond jubilee year a remarkable one. This was followed by the director’s address on what are his plans towards making BIT revert to its previous glory.


Dr. Neil Pandit , sharing his experience of NASA.

Dr. Neil Pandit, former scientist at NASA motivated the students by narrating his life experiences and inspired the students with his eloquent words.

Prof. S.S. Jamuar addressing the crowd

Prof. S.S. Jamuar, currently a professor at IIT Dhanbad enlightened the students with  his inspiring speech and enthused them by saying Deshpande sir’s message “You are second to none.” Quoting his words, “Never say no when you are given a job. Always say yes you can do it.” The knowledge of Mechanical engineering and material science which he received here at BIT proved quite handy for him in his professional life. Also his statement that BITians can handle any situation irrespective of how tough it is stimulated us to do better in whatever we are pursuing.
Our esteemed chief guest, Dr. Ramjee Prasad, Director of the Center for TeleInfrastruktur (CITF) , professor, Aarhus University, Denmark who is also an alumnus of of BIT Sindri  delivered his knowledge on “TELECOM INDUSTRY REVOLUTION : Economic growth using smart connectivity”. He then delivered a presentation which included

  • Denmark facts (Aarhus University)
  • Permeability for new challenges – We will remain a kid for challenges at every stage of life.
  •  Always inspirationally motivated – Human bond communication, wireless world,
  • Seeing the unseen
  • Establishing research prospects.
  • know your potential, choose your expertise, deliver the best.

Looking deeper – because outreaching is the best way to explore new possibilities and a lot of them are just underneath

Deshpande Auditorium

Mentioning the role of Indian government, he expressed his concerns on the condition of research in India which needs to improve.  The program concluded with the vote of thanks delivered by Prof. Imtiyaz Ahmed .

Civil at C51 :-

At the same time the jam-packed C-51 staged the inauguration ceremony of civil department which was graced by the esteemed presence of ex-director of B.I.T. Sindri Prof (Dr) J Jha, the current director of B.I.T. Sindri Prof (Dr) D K Singh, the Head of the Department Prof AK Singh and other professors of the department. Prof (Dr) J Jha has also served as the Ex-HOD of the Civil Engineering department, Ex- VC BIT Mesra, Sr. VP Manipal Academy of Higher Education and Academic Advisor to many National & International Institutions.

Dr. D.K. Singh , Director at C-51

Organised under the superior guidance of Prof JP Singh and Prof (Dr) Krishna Murari, the programme commenced with the welcome speech by Prof J.P. Singh, followed by the enlightening words of the director Dr. DK Singh. Then came the much awaited lecture of the man himself, Dr J Jha on “The Importance of Projects in Engineering curriculum”. He emphasised on the point that projects are the most essential part of engineering, especially civil engineering as it helps in developing a pragmatic approach to the theoretical knowledge as well as a solution oriented perspective in the students. Explaining various factors which should be considered while choosing a project, he underscored the importance of choosing a live project considering a reasonable time frame. He shared his work experiences and the problems he faced while working on a project in Moscow, Russia.

His enthusiastic and interactive influence filled the students with vigour and exuberance. The ceremony concluded with the vote of thanks by the HOD, Prof AK Singh.
To mark this auspicious occasion, a 60-day series of lectures and conferences will be organised by both the prestigious departments of the institute with the cooperation of alumni, professors and students.

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