The zeal that had once been suppressed due to the procrastinated visit of last year was reincarnated in its mammoth form on the auspicious occasion of Teacher’s day.

A huge gathering of students, shuttered Main gates for outsiders, metal detectors at the various entries, coupled with a conscientious and unassailable security of broadly stationed policemen – all circumventing the ambit of BIT Sindri.

Yes, of course and why not so. None but the Chief Minister of Jharkhand, Sri Raghubar Das himself paid graceful visit to the lone state-run engineering college. The auspicious Teachers’ Day was made all the more exhilarating by the benign presence of higher dignitaries of state, spearheaded by the chief minister laying the foundation of “Centre of Excellence” at BIT Sindri and “Technical Skill Development Programmes” in 5 polytechnic colleges namely Bhaga, Nirsa, Dhanbad, Koderma & Dumka by the Higher Technical Education and Skill Development Department. The inaugural ceremony was chaired by Smt. Neera Yadav, Minister, Higher Technical Education and Skill Development Department .The event was chained along with several other inaugurations which included- “Technical Skill Development Institutes” in the forementioned 5 polytechnic colleges, a project funded by Siemens, and the inauguration of Polytechnic colleges in Dumka, Madhupur, Garhwa, Chandil, Jagannathpur, Behragoda, Simdega and Nirsa. Among the new polytechnic colleges inaugurated, the one in Dumka is exclusively for  females which is undoubtedly worth a praise.

The bunch of projects whose foundation were laid in the event are namely – a  3 bedded hostel having capacity of 300, a single bedded hostel of capacity 300, a guest house, a community Centre, a Placement Centre as well as 3 bedded hostel for girls accommodating as many as 300 of them. The other dignitaries sharing the stage with CM were the MLA of Sindri constituency, Sri Phul Chand Mandal, Secretary of department Ajay Kumar Singh, Suman Bose of Siemens India , Mayor of Dhanbad and director of BIT Sindri.

While addressing the gathering, the secretary of department informed about the works undertaken by government to aid in the field of human resources, upscaling in the state that has 40% of country’s mineral deposits. He apprised the crowd with the fund for skill development that was raised from ₹140 crores to ₹700 crores as per the guidance of CM. The projects  in the event amounted to ₹805 crore . Recollecting the glorious past of the institute and its subsequent downfall, all the dignitaries assured the students and the staff of the college that sincere efforts would be made to transcend the previous peaks and it would be equivalent to those of national level  institutes  thereby competing with the NITs and IITs.

Chief Minister , Jharkhand

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Suman Bose of Siemens India, hailed inauguration of Centre of Excellence, first of the three to be constructed in the state as a milestone, as this world class facility would enhance skills of 14000 people annually. The secretary also announced that the graduates  of BIT Sindri would be serving as teachers in polytechnic colleges and there is a provision of campus placement at IIT -ISM Dhanbad and IIT PATNA to counter the scarcity of  faculties in the institute. CM hailed the efforts of Siemens India for the projects amounting to Rs.500 crore, out of which the government’s contribution was ₹54 crore .

Dream is not the thing you see in sleep but is that thing that doesn’t let you sleep

With these inspiring words of Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam , the  event concluded with vote of thanks  given by  the director, BIT Sindri who adduced three solemn wishes, namely refurbishment of hospital near FCI, airport in Baliapur and asking Coal India for campus recruitment in the Institute.

Wrapping up all, he paid his sincere gratitude to the dignitaries for registering their benevolent presence. And the day of 5th September ended on a high note, registering itself in one of the plethora of memorable pages in the history of BIT Sindri.

Chief Minister Raghubar Das inaugurates the Centre of Excellence at BIT-Sindri in Dhanbad .

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