BITians seldom go wrong with their intuitions and determination. Despite the placement season being not very fruitful, BITians proved that no opportunity is the last opportunity. There’s always room for more. Outshining the brightest, BIT feels proud to be home to some extraordinarily meritorious and toiling students. With an outstanding All India Rank 02 in Mining Engg, BIT raised the benchmark to heights invincible. The journey of success doesn’t end in an individual glory, rather in a collective accomplishment. With the following students coming out with flying colours in GATE 2017, we’ve proved that for BITians, no height is difficult to scale.


Sujit Kumar AIR-02

Mahesh Pandey AIR-39



Ashish Vishwakarma AIR-08

Sandeep Kumar  AIR-60



Avinash AIR-60

Shivam Mishra AIR-129



Maqusud Alam AIR-371

Tuplal AIR-701



Rishi Hazra AIR-133

Niraj AIR- 170



Shubham Pandey AIR-166

Dablu Kr. Saw AIR-417

Rounak Kosik AIR-417

Prakash Kosik AIR- 502

Shubham Kumar AIR- 669




Along with GATE, we shone bright in CAT as well, as rigorous preparation and perseverance paid off. Excelling in fields unexplored and touching zenith apart from mainstream academic excellence has been the tradition. Standing true to it, the following are the successful aspirants of CAT 2016.


Manish Mishra 98.43%

Chandra Kamal Gupta 94.3%



Nilesh Sagar 97%

Harshavardhan Jha 96%



Sonalika Rai 97.77%
Nitesh Burnwal 93.69%



Prabhat Raj 92%



Abhishek Mukherjee 92%



Harsh Raj 97.54%



Anand Kishore 92%

Komal Kaustubh 91.43%

Saurabh Raj 91%



Aswini Hembrom 91%

Navendu 91%

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