“Freedom is never dear at any price. It is the breath of life. What would a man not pay for living?”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Through selfless sacrifice and indefatigable determination, millions and millions of Indians fought tirelessly at home and abroad to ensure that our nation’s claim to freedom, justice, and equality comes true. These ideals are now enduring symbols of hope and inspiration to this world. It has been 75 years of success, sacrifice, and a never-ending endeavor to make India the golden bird again after we unleashed ourselves from the shackles of British colonialism.

To commemorate the valor, the selflessness, and the undying strength of every soul who stood tall against the mammoth mountain of atrocities precipitated upon our motherland by the British, Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav was celebrated in the BIT Campus. The stirring fest of Independence began on 13th August with Start-up Cell BIT Sindri organizing their case analysis challenge – Vishleshan. The event brought the analytical thinkers together in a brawl of creativity and ideas. With a massive interest among students, this event went into full fledge success.

As the sun dawned on a new morning, the campus witnessed another exhilarating contest – ‘Advaita‘ organized by Quimica BIT Sindri to commemorate the extent and contribution of science and innovation over the years towards the progress of the nation. On the ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’, the event was conducted in three stages. The first part was the PEN-PAPER TEST where participants were judged based on their understanding of science and technology as well as its importance in Nation building through a test of pen and paper. After qualifying for the first round, 15 participants were shortlisted and teamed into 5 teams for the next round, the BUZZER ROUND which was a quiz. In the third and the final round, the finalists, who comprised the members of the team which was victorious in the buzzer round battled it out among themselves to secure the victor’s position.

Gandhi Rachnatmak Samiti held a series of events on August 14, 2022, in honor of “Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav,” to revive the spirit of freedom and commemorate 75 years of glory. The event was divided into two parts: an essay writing competition followed by an open mic competition called “SHABD“. The segment began with great enthusiasm, and there was an exciting atmosphere that enchanted the entire auditorium. The students were encouraged to demonstrate their verbal abilities in front of the jurists, professors, and audience during this event. Later, the NSS BIT Sindri planned several activities to commemorate Independence Day. Fact and Furious – a patriotic quiz, Samvaad – A speech competition, and Flag code – an awareness program. The participants and audience were overjoyed to participate and know about the glory of the nation.

Sarjana offered its tribute and joined in the celebrations of independence by organizing a ‘Kavya Path Sammelan‘ later that evening as part of ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav.’ The two-hour program instilled in every heart in attendance the feeling of patriotism as participants recited an impassioned rendition of poetries, all of them echoing a common message- cherish the freedom you have for it took years of persistence and perseverance to attain. The esteemed professors and students of the institute enthusiastically participated and expressed their love and patriotism for the country through poetry recitation. The colorful evening came to an end with a poem recitation from Sarjana members and the winners were awarded by the professors.

A new morning reflected the colors of solidarity, integrity, and patriotism in the hearts of everyone with a tribute and respect for the martyrs of Independence. The campus of BIT was buzzing with patriotism and the pleasant hymn of freedom. Freedom from the 200 years of colonial rule, the atrocities, the ruthless killings, and the unheard screams. The sun rises over the horizon claiming the victory of light over darkness. On the day stroke, with students, professors, and staff gathering near the Administrative Building the tricolor was hoisted and BIT celebrated the 76th Independence Day with great exultation and pride in their hearts. The Arts Club added glory to this auspicious evening with their memorable event “Inqualaab“, held at Deshpandey Auditorium. The evening started with a melodious segment of patriotic songs, sung by the vocals and instrumental section of the Arts Club, followed by a fitting Shayari on the sacrifice of our freedom fighters. A spirited song added charm to this propitious evening, which was sung by the alumni Dr. Rakesh (batch-1988), who was the former president of the Arts Club.

The audience was overwhelmed by the Nukkad Natak performed by the dramatic section on the topic ‘Aazaadi‘, leaving the audience thrilled with a thought-provoking message about the real meaning of ‘Aazaadi’, Independence. An energetic dance performance by the batches of 2019-2020 made the crowd go wild. After which a rousing and inspiring poem on Independence was given by a student of batch 2019, followed by a speech by the honorable Director Dr. (Prof.) D.K. Singh. Then the rap performance by the students of batch 2021 paid homage to the brave martyrs of the country. The cultural segment ended with another graceful yet powerful dance performance by batch 2019 from the choreo section leaving the audience with enthusiasm and never-ending applause. The vibrant evening left us with great zeal to fulfill our duties towards Mother India and turn the dream that India saw 75 years ago, of a promising India, of an India that breathes equality into reality.

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