“The happiest people I know are those who lose themselves in the service of others.”
~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Carrying forward the legacy beholden by the saying, ‘Service before self’, the 54th Eye Relief Camp registered to its name, another year of glory with the successful cataract operations of 63 patients from the underprivileged strata of our society, comprising of 38 females and 25 males. These operations have all been carried out with no charge under patronage of the prominent ROTARY CLUB of Sindri.

Few glimpses of the 54th Eye Relief Camp.

Day 0 : Inauguration

As the clock struck 4.30 P.M in the evening of 25th February, 2019, ‘Eye Relief Camp’, the leader of all the social activities witnessed annually by the BIT premises commenced with the grand Inauguration Ceremony conducted by the enthusiastic team of our ‘proud Rotaractors’. The 54th Eye Relief Camp, organized at Public Health Centre, Gaushala, Sindri marked its onset with Kishore Kaushal, SSP, Dhanbad and Mr. Arvind Kumar, ED, SAIL, Chasnalla Colliery Division as the guests of honour along with other prominent dignitaries from diverse fields. It was Rajan Gadhotara, who appraised the initiatives and steps taken by the Rotary club for the service to humankind.

The eminent dignitaries present to grace the Inauguration ceremony.

Day 1 : Registrations/Medical Screening

The registration for the operations began as first rays of sunshine peeked from beneath the cloudy sky next morning wherein arrangements had been made to get all the patients screened by a panel of renowned doctors at the venue testifying their medical conditions. Medical tests including refraction test, sugar level test and blood pressure test were conducted to check for complications and thereby, ensure a safer surgery.

The volunteers conducting the Registrations and allotting numbered badges to the patients.

Day 2 : Operations

Volunteers aiding a patient getting her face and hands washed prior to the surgery.

After the series of tests and checkups for an entire day, the operations were scheduled on 27th February with a team of doctors, the members of Rotaract Club of Sindri and all volunteers assisting every patient with wariness and concern.

A volunteer performing Dilution of the Cataract-infected eye prior to the surgery.

The entire long day passed in jiffy as sharing smiles with the deprived and impoverished in worth a million dollars. The volunteers experienced earning this asset of service as their concern and reverence for each patient grew as the hours passed.


Volunteers escorting a patient to her ward post surgery.

Day 3 : Counseling & Discharge

The patients were released after a thorough medical examination and counseling session the next day and this programme came to an end as the partition driven sorrow was personified in the tender eyes of both the volunteers and the patients. Everyone could feel the agony of leaving behind a new-found family gifted to all of them, by this very camp which spanned for three days, three days which instilled a new sense of life in a corner of the many hearts involved.

Volunteers distributing eye-drops and medicines to patients before bidding them adieu.

The motto of RID-3250 (all Rotaract Clubs of Bihar & Jharkhand) for the session 2018-19 is Transforming Lives Together and these three words were exquisitely manifested in the form of the 54th Eye Relief Camp.


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