“A mind troubled by doubt cannot focus on the course to victory”.

With the aim of creating awareness about the telecom sector and preparing the students to strengthen their foothold in the industry, Ericsson organized a three-day workshop for the students of CS, IT and ECE department from 14th Feb. to 16th Feb. under the aegis of Training and Placement Cell. The first day commenced on a very positive note with the introduction of the program by Rajendra P. Arya, the trainer cum Ericsson representative. With the aid of videos, he acquainted the students with the MD of Ericsson, Amitabh Ray.


“We have come a long way from handling the remote landline to managing 40% of world’s mobile traffic,” said Amitabh Ray. He apprised the students of the objectives of Ericsson being to enable the future, E-enabled farming, E-health and enabling young vibrant networked India. “Core values, respect, professionalism, and perseverance are the pillars of our existence”, quoted Amitabh Ray. He urged the students to come together to celebrate values and carve out time from their schedule to reflect on these aspects. Vivek Ranjan, Head of Human Resource, EGE put forth the mission and vision of Ericsson. The first two days were dedicated to an informative overview of the Telecom Basics and GSM and WCDMA, the crucial planks in the development of mobility in the world of telecommunication. To boost the confidence of the students, Prof. M.G Tiary, Head of department ECE, put in picture the perks of teamwork.


He elaborated the word TEAM as “together everyone can achieve more”. Dr. Ghanshyam Rai underscored the importance of such initiatives in the career graphs of students.


This workshop proved to be the point of convergence of the interests of many like-minded enthusiasts quenching their thirst for every know-how. The third day was apportioned to the topics 4G, ‘IP Networking’ and the other aspects of the feasible implementation of every technicality to achieve a networked society as envisioned by the top industries. The final day concluded with a written test to assess the grasping power of the students. Gauging under the broad spectrum the entire session was effectively interactive and will definitely provide an upper edge to the students.

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