Two roads diverged in a wood, and 
I took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference.

-Robert Frost

Amidst the race to grab success by tried and tested ways there are a few who prefer to walk through the “The Road not taken”, creating an identity of their own. Here is one such story where a couple came out of their comfort zone to innovate and write their novel of success with satisfaction at its preface.

The Dynamic Duo


The duo, Dr. Nick Ratterman and Dr. Krithika Kumar, are both academic and research oriented individuals. They were both Post-Doctoral research associates at Cornell University, an American private Ivy League college renowned worldwide for its research programs.

The science freak couple spent their days in labs. They were going strong in academia with their discoveries about science and life everyday. They had an urge to combine science and entrepreneurship. Krithika’s father was talking to her about setting a space in which older people could exercise their bodies and BRAINS. Bam!!! There rolls the idea! She was concentrating on the brain aspect. Since then their idea has evolved to what it is today.

The Startup


Their Startup, BETTER BRAINS, is the world’s first brain fitness institute in brick and mortar. It has its centre in Bangalore. They collaborated with other scientists and experts in the field of brain research and developed scientific research based programs for brain development. They have customized brain training modules starting from age 5 and onwards.

On their website one can find many programs tailored to suit the needs of professionals. One of the programs called the Better Brains Smarter Program is a guided 100-day, goal based journal to sharpen your brain and conquer your goals. It’s as simple as watching short videos, following the instructions, and feeling the difference. Do it anytime, anywhere.
They also organize seminars and workshops on a wide range of topics for audiences of all ages. Their popular talks include the multitude of ways one can lead a brain-healthy life.
They also have programs for students in schools and colleges which teach the specific learning techniques that have been shown scientifically to maximize learning.
Individual consultations are also provided for interested individuals.
Simply put, Better Brains is a gym for brain. Whether your goal is to improve your focus or boost your memory, Better Brains helps you achieve it. They do this by brain games, mindful meditation, Tai Chi, yoga, physical exercise and healthy living.

The Road not taken

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”
In the initial stage,there were many discussions, speculations, fears and tremendous excitement before they migrated from US to India. In the end they decided that there was only one way to know if this would work, to give it a try. Talking about her choice to setup her plan in India, Krithika says, “The roots of my soul that define who I am are being nourished in my motherland.” Apart from this they strongly feel that India needs awareness about cognitive fitness.
For Nick, everything is novel and exciting, yet scary and intimidating sometimes.

Nonetheless, they have persevered and persisted. After all, ‘It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.’
Startups in BIT
In the light of initiatives like Make in India and Startup India startups like Better Brains are the norm in college campuses all over India. However BIT Sindri is yet to make an advancement in this field. Although there were a few startup initiatives like

• Veg palace

And a few others, due to lack of support and ignorance from the authorities they eventually died. Our college does boast of an E-cell (Entrepreneurship cell), but it’s almost as useless as a fifth wheel.
While the current strides of renovation and development in infrastructure is getting the administration applaud, the Director still needs to pay attention to this matter as it will inculcate a spirit of innovation in the students of BIT and a door of new opportunities for them.

What are your views on the current state of startups in BIT, and what steps could be taken to improve it?

Do let us know in the Comments.

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