Human souls, repeat the five letter word strung together and you will ultimately feel the thing I am talking about .
You will feel the thing when you plug in earleads in your ears after a stoned day or while floating your fingers gently on a piano or blowing air into the holes of a windmind instrument. This emotion is all wrapped in the sheets of eternal beauty!
You will find this grandeur, this elegance in everything that surrounds you .
The resonance of the babbling brook, the chirp of the rainforest birds or the evening bell of the temple; in every other thing you will discover the eternal bliss of music.
This music brings you to beaches, empty shores caressing your hair, kissing your feet with wet sand and the evening sea breeze soothing your soul. The most amazing thing about Music is that you don’t have to move your feet, you don’t have to go anywhere, it comes to you and saves you. It makes you feel as if you are laying under a shady tree with blossoms falling on you and much more. It feels like home.
Yeah! It saves you when you are drowning in sadness.
Listening to music makes you feel the fire in your belly that turns on the light and brings brightness and luminosity in the cascade world of melancholy which is losing hope.
It stays when everyone leaves, even the closest one.
Music brings the raw soul of you, love of you, the true you.
Thank you Music, for saving us.
You Beauty !
You saviour !
You are life !

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